Blue Foot Diving

These Are The Services We Offer

Dive Charter Boat  

A 32ft long Paker 9ft 6" beam and a small cabin. Plenty of deck space for divers and dive equipment.

Based in Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands NY May to November. North Carolina and Florida November to May.

Commercial Diving Services
Particular to remote locations and the need for deep penetration dives and hyperbaric chamber support. 

Presentations, Talks and Dive Experiences
We can provide a number of different talks, slide shows and dive experiences. We regularly give introduction to rebreather seminars where we will bring 3-4 or more of the latest and most popular rebreathers for people to understand and try. We give hard hat diving experiences, O2 rebreather experiences. We have access to some great people with some great speaking and presentation experiences involving sharks dolphins and much more. Can present photo slide shows and much more.

Large Yacht Services
Our staff member Greg Mooney is the point man for most of our yacht services. He has been involved in this industry for 35 years or more (see bio)

Dive and Instructor training.

In particular Closed circuit rebreather training to Advanced Trimix Mod III level. 

We supply the following
Equipment, rebreathers, regulators, scooters etc.

Training for chambers and dive instruction at all levels up to and including Expedition CCR Trimix.

Installation of Lloyds rated gas Nitrox and Oxygen high pressure systems

Marine experts and guides for all types of diving expeditions be it Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, rebreathers, technical or cave diving.