Blue Foot Diving

Andrew Driver

Andrew was born 50 metres from the English Channel.  He joined the Brighton branch of the British Sub Aqua Club aged 12 and aside from a few detours for parachuting has stayed with the ocean theme ever since. He has now worked as Instructor, Dive boat Captain, Expedition leader and Hyperbaric chamber instructor for more than 20 years.

Andrew is an Instructor Trainer to Expedition Trimix Closed Circuit Rebreather level. He has extensive experience with many rebreathers having first dived one in 1987. He has used rebreathers almost exclusively since 1995 when he purchased his Cis Lunar and has worked through many of the teething problems of this and other rebreather units. He has owned and teaches on the following units.  Megalodon, Cis Lunar, Evolution, Inspiration, Kiss, Hollis Prism and the Hammerhead rebreather. Wreck diving is his passion though he is a regular cave diver. He has accumulated vast cold water experience including 6 ice diving trips to the High Arctic. His dive experience has been rounded out by many bouts as a commercial diver.

Andrew also an owns a company that owns, supplies  and operates portable recompression chambers. He uses this knowledge as an IANTD Chamber instructor and International Board Undersea Medicine chamber operator to educate divers on hyperbarics as well as making Blue Foot Diving a safer place.

Andrew graduated from Britains commando training center as an officer. He served for 8 years in the elite Royal Marines Commando's. He served on various appointments at sea and on land. These included tours for which he received extensive training in parachuting, Artctic survival and combat swimming with oxygen rebreathers. He was a member of the British National Parachute team and commanded the world record holding Royal Marines Free fall team.  

He has a USCG 100 ton master licene as well as being a UK licensed master of motor and sailing vessels up to 200 gross tons and has sailed over 40,000 miles, including two Atlantic sailboat crossings. Andrew has worked and dove on numerous types of vessel. He has traveled, sailed and dived in over 50 countries.  This background gives him tremendous expertise in operational and logistical planning. This he puts to use organizing and leading the Blue Foot Expeditions and training programs.